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Now is the perfect time to sell your home. The price of houses in Brainerd and the surrounding counties is still on the rise. How long this phenomenon in the market will last is anybody’s guess, but at this moment, the price appreciation of real estate continues to greatly favor the seller―which should be you!

Chad Schwendeman Real Estate Group is ready to help sell your Brainerd house fast to ensure you can take advantage of today’s home prices before the market plateaus, or maybe even slows. We’ll create a marketing budget and a plan, along with a thoughtfully determined price that will ensure your home can compete successfully in the current market.

When it comes to staging your property, our real estate firm will coach you room by room on the best practices so your house has some of the finest appeal in the local market. From professional photography with shots from every angle―and even from above―to marketing and advertising exposure with online photos and video, we make every effort to ensure every buyer looking for a house in Minnesota knows that yours is for sale. Your home will become a part of our media advertising campaign that includes radio, television, magazine, and billboard advertising.

You want your house to sell, and so do we!

If you’ve considered selling your house fast in Brainerd, now is not the time to hesitate. The imbalance between the almost frenetic demand for houses and the low availability of houses on the market, which has created bidding wars that soar way above original asking prices, is still prevalent, but some economists and market experts believe this phenomenal real estate frenzy may slow down eventually. That means now is the time to maximize the profit potential you’ve always wanted from your home. Call Chad Schwendeman Real Estate Group of Brainerd today and let’s get you partnered with one of our top-notch real estate firm agents. We’ll make sure selling your house in Brainerd is fast and profitable!

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