Buying a Home

You can shell out hard-earned money to rent from someone you barely know, or you can glide through the front door of comfort with the purchase of a home that will build equity for your future. You might be thinking that the current market has catapulted home prices beyond your means, but have you seen the exorbitant cost of rentals? Often, it’s cheaper to own than to lease! And we know of some wonderful options you might not have considered!

The agents at Chad Schwendeman Real Estate Group are committed to helping you find real estate listings and homes for sale in the Brainerd area. Our agency is one of the biggest real estate teams in Brainerd and all the surrounding counties. You won’t find another real estate agent or team dedicated to giving you the same first-rate, above-and-beyond service that has become our trademark. Once you partner with us, our agent sets sights on the process and the results and takes ownership of the outcome. To view our current properties and real estate listings in the Brainerd area don’t hesitate to contact us today!

We have a unified team of partners, brokers, and agents who work together for you under one single vision, to always be there for our customers. We have set for ourselves the highest standards of honesty and have built our agency upon a foundation of strong moral principles. We promise you we’ll always do the right thing, with no exceptions or excuses.

And we can make good on that promise because we are progressive, proactive thinkers dedicated to stepping out of the box if that’s what it takes to find the best solution for you. In today’s housing market, that’s the kind of team you need.

We want to create a long list of satisfied customers who become our lifelong customers. We are the experts in finding homes for sale and real estate listings in the Brainerd area, helping residents find properties that are perfect for them. We want you to know that we see you as a person, not as a line item on a spreadsheet. Call us today. Let’s get you into the perfect place where you can hang your hat!

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